Dr. Edward W. Hauck

Podiatrist / Foot Specialist

License #: 8413
A passion for helping others led me down the path of Podiatric Medicine into a career that allows me to provide my patients with high-quality healthcare. As a professional Podiatrist in Saskatoon since 1983, I bring a holistic approach to medicine in order to find comfortable and effective solutions for everyone.


Dr. Jonathan M. Hauck

Podiatrist / Foot Specialist

License #: 8473

Before Podiatry, my university education geared my interest towards disease mapping, AutoCAD, and 3D modelling. With this knowledge in my mind, I sought out how to achieve a greater good for the world and how to make a direct affect on people’s wellbeing. My great uncle was a cobbler who worked closely with pathologies in the lower limb. This influence trickled down to my father, who has been practising for over 40 years as a podiatrist. I chose to study at the University of Brighton located on the south coast of the UK. The clinical focus through the university owned hospital, placements at Kings College Hospital in London, and research in the human movement laboratory on campus guided my development to become a knowledgeable practitioner. Upon graduating with a first-class honour degree and an award for the highest overall mark in research, I joined Hauck Podiatry in July 2019 which has been rewarding, challenging, and fulfilling.


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