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Dr. Jonathan M. Hauck

Podiatrist / Foot Specialist

License #: 8473

Before Podiatry, my university education geared my interest towards disease mapping, AutoCAD, and 3D modelling. With this knowledge in my mind, I sought out how to achieve a greater good for the world and how to make a direct affect on people’s wellbeing. My great uncle was a cobbler who worked closely with pathologies in the lower limb. This influence trickled down to my father, who has been practising for over 40 years as a podiatrist. I chose to study at the University of Brighton located on the south coast of the UK. The clinical focus through the university owned hospital, placements at Kings College Hospital in London, and research in the human movement laboratory on campus guided my development to become a knowledgeable practitioner. Upon graduating with a first-class honour degree and an award for the highest overall mark in research, I joined Hauck Podiatry in July 2019 which has been rewarding, challenging, and fulfilling.


Dr. Adam R. Main

Podiatrist / Foot Specialist

License #: 8474

After years of living overseas I decided on a career change to work in health care and it was the mechanics of the foot that really interested me. I took my training at the University of Brighton in the United Kingdom where I graduated with honours.  I have worked for the National Health Service as a diabetic wound care and nail surgery specialist whilst also working in various private practices in and around the South East of England.

I’ve been lucky enough to have lived and worked all over the world in places such as Indonesia, Egypt, India, and Paris. I’ve now decided to make Paris of the Prairies my home and although it may be a little colder than the original Paris, it’s still just as beautiful and I’m settling in to my new home very nicely.

Over the course of my time in Canada, I have focused my career pathway around biomechanics and custom foot orthotics with general interest on treating on all conditions of the foot and ankle for patients of all ages. I look forward to seeing you in our downtown clinic.

Dr. Edward W. Hauck Has Retired!

Podiatrist / Foot Specialist

Hauck Podiatry would like to wish Dr. Edward Hauck a happy and healthy retirement!

Thank you for 45 years of dedicated and loyal service to the clinic and your patients.

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