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Stretching and Exercises

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Ankle and Foot Stretch

Good to Know

Arch Pain Rehabilitation


Arthritis  Exercise Program

Upper Body

Arthritis  Exercise Program

Lower Body

Balancing Exercise

Step 1

Balancing Exercise

Step 2

Balancing Exercise

Step 3

Big Toe  Exercise

Mobilization of Hallux

Buerger Exercise


Bunion Exercise

Adductor Hallucis

Calf and Arch Stretch

Weight Bearing

Diabetic Foot Care

Important Info for Diabetic Feet

Dowel Stretch

Plantar Tissue Stretch

Down & Out /  Up & In

Two Separate Stretches

Eccentric Heel Cord Stretch

The Alfredson Protocol

General Exercises for Feet

Write up

Glute and Hamstring Stretches

Good to know

Golf Ball Exercise

Trigger Point Exercise

Heel Raise Exercise

Foot Extension Exercise

Intrinsic Strengthening

Intrinsic Muscles of The Feet

John Wayne Walk

Lateral Walk

Post Nail Surgery Instructions

Advice and care instructions for post nail surgery

Saying Your Prayers

Plantar Tissue Stretch - Passive

Skiing Exercise

Sub Talar Joint Exercise

Tennis Ball Stretch

Plantar Tissue Stretch

Thera-Band Stretch

For use with a Resistance Band

Toe Scrunch Exercise

Foot Inversion

2022 Shoe List

Shoe Recommendations

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